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Due to the Covid-19 emergency this event has been postponed. Some digital connections are being planned but we hope the get-together will be rescheduled in the not-too-distant future…

Despite all that is going on with us leaving the European Union, UNION have been invited to participate in this latest initiative from the European Cultural Foundation and hosted in the town of Rijeka in Croatia which is currently the European Capital of Culture 2020.

“All across Europe, citizens (including those who are not formally recognised as such) are realising they are not alone and are organising their communities. They are creating new online and offline spaces where working together and generating solidarity is what matters. In these spaces culture functions as a language to describe reality, to express feelings and opinions. Culture works to strengthen social ties and helps to imagine alternative ways of living and engaging with others in understanding, trust and peace. Connecting these spaces will provide a crucial infrastructure for a cultural movement that can reclaim European democracy.”

Attending this conference will enable us to continue our European links and idea for how we train the artists and activists who work in those spaces; as well as extending our network of mentoring and work-placement links for UNION.


Rijeka 2020

Capital of Culture


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