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I am a Leeds-based artist. For a long time I painted rubbish, my mind felt like rubbish and I was surrounded by rubbish (when I lived in Hull my tenfoot was never without a mattress) so why not try face what is around me but in pretty peach so it’s a bit easier to look at?

Throughout the UNION 2019 programme I became more focussed on how we impact our environment, not only the physical space but the mental space of those around us. I find it fascinating when discarded objects appear in a seemingly unnatural habitat or when an interesting shape breaks up your view.

I’d like to continue this exploration, meet like minded people to create with and be challenged by new perspectives.

In 2021 I joined the UNION team assisting on the UNION Leeds programme and became a Project Manager for UNION 23 and 24 programmes alongside work as Marketing Officer for Leeds City Council’s Homeshare and Shared Lives schemes.


“During UNION I have focused on being open to opportunities, learning outside of my comfort zone but being confident in the path I’ve chosen.”


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