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Hello there, my name is Lauren Saunders and I am a visual fine artist and activist based in Hull. Supported and informed by my Activism related to social and climate justice, I respond to philosophical questions by translating my thoughts and experiences into collage and through drawing experimentally in the expanded field. I am especially interested in how drawing can be used to positively affect physical and social change in relation to environmental ethics and the natural world, exploring ways in which drawn ‘line’ can directly support wildlife whilst challenging audiences to reflect on their own relationship to the Earth.

I like to be both a supportive ally and use my own experiences to work collaboratively with various communities. I have co-founded and produced The Critical Fish, an artist-led, research-based visual arts journal which seeks to make contextual discussions around art more inclusive and accessible through experimental writing and participation. I also use my lived experience and creative community-based facilitation skills to champion and provide advocacy for meaningful mental health recovery within the NHS, where I coproduce and codeliver a programme of educational courses and workshops with and for the local community.

I am keen to engage with new artistic endeavours that stretch my creativity and teaches me something new. I am looking for commissions and involvement on projects that utilise my skills and abilities, especially if they’re related to environmentalism, accessibility, philosophy/psychology or arts writing.

I’m all for expanding networks, so if you have an idea, proposal, or just want to connect, get in touch!

“I feel I’m a different person compared to last year, and I attribute a lot of that to UNION. I can’t pinpoint everything I’ve learnt, but every weekend has slightly altered or shifted my perspective as a person… I’ve ineffably changed for the better”


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