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Art My Way…

I have 2 main styles…
1 Fluid acrylic canvases. This is created with acrylic mixed with different mediums to make it more of a watery consistency. These can be done in any colour combinations you want as well as on whatever you want. whether that be canvas, wood, glass, stone… anything.

2 Indian ink animals. I use inks to paint with. I’ve painted a variety of animals from wild to domestic. Once I have created my animal, I then use brightly coloured inks to explode away from the piece. I’ve also painted insects and plants and mushrooms.

I also create murals and have work all over Hull City Centre in local businesses as well as in people’s homes. My style varies and I can create almost anything for the murals purposes.

If you have any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask me via message or email.


  • I have learned to manage my time more efficiently and to not take as much on
  • I have gained friends from all over the UK that I will keep in touch with
  • I’ve also learned a lot about different types of funding and organisational techniques to help me day to day in all aspects of my life
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