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We are very pleased that UNION has been selected as part of a strong new network of European organisations that have been awarded funding from the Culture of Solidarity Fund.

UNION, as part of Heads Together Productions, has a long history of working collaboratively across Europe and in recent years has been involved with the European Cultural Foundation through its Tandem initiative. In summer of 2020 we were invited to take part in a culture lab in Rijeka in Croatia.  Of course with Covid-19 sweeping across Europe, we spent a week on zoom rather than at the seaside in Rijeka!

But out of it we developed the idea for a project: The Fellowship of Questions…

How could we create an awareness of our shared interests if we feel we have nothing in common with one another? The project aims to create an online public space made simply of questions.

ECF have confirmed funding for this nascent partnership of organisations in Romania, Serbia, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Italy as well as ourselves in the UK to develop this concept and develop ever more questions…

And with further funding for the Fellowship  from the Allianz Kulturstiftung the project’s development through 2021 and 2022 looks assured…

Can I ask any question I want? Is it better that my question be personal or political or philosophical or practical? How do I know if google will answer my question better than the Fellowship of Questions?  Can I ask as many questions as I want? What if no-one answers? How will I feel? If a question has no answers does that mean it is a terrible question or maybe the perfect question?

Image Description: Question on paper pasted to chipboard
“Any more dinosaurs left? with a child’s drawing

From the Cube of Questions project in Seacrodt


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