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UNION will be working in partnership with Leeds 2023: Year of Culture festival delivering coaching and training for their cohort of My Leeds participants.

33 Neighbourhood Hosts, one from each ward of Leeds, will work with their communities to creatively explore the stories and culture that live within their ward.

More information on the Leeds 2023 website

The idea of the partnership is that Leeds 2023 will be supporting this amazing group of people to deliver on their idea of a community event of some kind for each area of the city. UNION’s role is to support the personal and professional development of the artists and community activists through our regular combination of training, coaching, and mentoring opportunities.

We will also take responsibility for supporting the cohort at the end of 2023 when the festival and the project is coming to an end with the aim of ensuring each person is supported through the transition and that the city doesn’t lose this fabulous resource.

We think this will be a fabulous partnership and it all gets going in October 22.


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