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Photo Description: Sheep looks over a fence
directly at the camera


The latest session for UNION Leeds was in July up at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, one of the donut venues in Leeds, but also a beautiful oasis of green in the city.

And, as Adam Ogilvie, CEO, explained…it is more than just the animals (lovely though they are). We had a chance to have a chat with Adam before the group arrived. Have a listen on the Chapel FM website here.

He talks about the role he decided to take on after 19 years as an elected Councillor; the history of the Farm since it was created in 1980; and the vision for the future, including their four themes:

  • Climate Change
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Community and Diversity
  • Education and Learning

Our UNION took place at the Epicentre at the Farm, itself a pioneering Walter Segal self-build created by our friends at Leeds Environmental Design Associates back in 1999.

Picture of the Epicentre

Picture Description: A building made out of wood and glass framed against a clear blue sky.


Titled “Projects and Plans” the day included:

  • Presentation and creative task on the farm from photographer Lizzie Coombes
  • Up-skilling sessions on marketing and business skills from Julia White and Mike Bird, former Centre Manager at donut group venue, HEART

And finished with dancing in the woods with our friends from Ecstatic Dance Yorkshire!

The next session will be a joint weekend with the alumni from our UNION ’19 programme with a major focus on an ethical framework for our work.

Picture Description: Some detail photos from the session with Lizzie Coombes: machines in a tree, a ladybird, sun and shadow of leaves on a tree, and a yellow daisy.

Taken by Lisa Tobin and Coralie Datta


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