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The second UNION Leeds session went ahead on December took place on Saturday 11th December 2021.

This time the group spent the day over in Farsley in the far-west of Leeds where two Donut venues are based—Sunnybank Mills and The Constitutional (thanks so much to both venues for hosting us).

The themes for the day included:

  1. Place-making: Looking at Farsley—Sunnybank Mills, The Constitutional…
  2. Who am I? And how do I look after myself?
  3. Reviewing how we work together

And the work included time in and around Farsley plus some work on reflective journals (sticking and pasting!). You can have a listen to the radio programme made before the session with interviews with some of the key players in Farsley. And even have a peak at the group’s online scrapbook as it develops.

The UNION Leeds group are really coming together. Between the first sessions we also arranged a couple of socials, just to give people the opportunity to chat and find out more about each other. The scene is set for a really positive year. Next up in January are more socials, more radio, and a full weekend of training at the end of the month.

Some photos taken by participant Coralie Datta on the day…

Image Description: Two young participants; one on a red check sofa

Image Description: People with notebooks around a display case

Image Description: sitting cross-legged on the floor with art materials

Image Description: participant creating a montage














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