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Steph Robson was one of the UNION ’19 participants. She received a re-UNION project grant in 2020 to develop a new project—WayFinders. Steph explains:

WayFinders was a project working with women from the Dwarfism community to talk about the more humorous aspects of their lived experiences of living with this disability.

The project was called WayFinders because the participants, by joining in the workshops, were showing the community that it is possible to be in control of how our stories are told.

What actually happened, was a much richer conversation around the daily prejudice and ignorance that our community faces, sharing our wisdom and humour in the encounters that we find ourselves brought into.

The workshops took place online from October to December 2020, saw a number of women with various forms of Dwarfism learn how to make this podcast.”


You can find out more on Steph’s website, Hello, Little Lady and, as for the podcast you can listen on MixCloud or just click on the link below…

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