The Core Programme

UNION ’19 was a 12-month programme for 20 early-career artists and activists. It forms the basis for our core programmes going forward including the UNION Leeds programme.


Starting points for future UNION programmes…

The group takes part in a blended approach of training that combines both critical thinking and practical learning through:

  • Intensive workshops during the programme; all in different locations with differing themes and objectives.
  • The group will be introduced to inspirational people and cutting edge work in each location.
  • Each participant will have individual one-to-one coaching sessions at different points during the year to help define their own future pathways.
  • Pastoral support appropriate to individual need will be offered throughout the programme
  • The team will recommend additional mentors, opportunities for work placements, and training opportunities.
  • A reflective approach will be encouraged throughout, both by participants and facilitators
  • There will be a virtual workspace to continue learning and communication throughout the year and beyond.
  • Each programme will adapt to the situation, the place, and the participants
  • Well-being is key. Even within the most intense sessions, there will be opportunities to relax, to drink tea, to eat and prepare food together, to exercise, to meditate, to sleep!

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