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I’m Portuguese. I’m non-binary. I make theatre.

In my life I make visual theatre and tell stories in pictures, hoping to one day be able to communicate without words.

Become fluent in the language of images and bodies and actions.

I often talk about the present by talking about the past: Mythology, folk tales and archetypes.

I often talk about myself by talking about others. And vice versa.

I often dance or build and use puppets.

I also build and perform for others, having done so for companies like Life and limb puppets, thingumajig theatre, baubo theatre, tatwood puppets, be.wilder theatre, the Handmade Parade and the bread and puppet theatre.

I develop my own shows with puppets and dance and visual storytelling, and have in several national and international stages and festivals, highlights include the Flying Carpet Festival in the Turkish/Syrian border, the Charlesville-mezieres puppetry festival in France, Nottingham Puppetry Festival and being one of the main creative for Tyne Rising for the Newcastle Puppetry festival.

I am interested in opportunities to develop and perform my work, as well as opportunities to perform or design/build for others. I am interested in multi cultural, cross language projects in hard to reach communities and multimedia artistic collaborations.

For me UNION has meant…

  • New connections,
  • Regularity in self analysis,
  • Broadening options (look at all the things you can do)
  • Importance of thinking long term
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