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Vic Leeson is a poet, psychotherapist and activist from Rotherham, South Yorkshire working to support various communities to explore and speak their truths. Vic has performed at Leeds Lit Fest, Leeds Poetry Fest, Counter Point Arts Festival and been showcased by the UK’s spoken word label, Nymph and Thugs.

She is also a Creative Writing in Therapeutic Practice Practitioner facilitating workshops that embrace the therapeutic process of writing as much as the creative product. Vic was previously a member of writers collective, Scribblers Union, is Poet-in-Residence for Counsellors Together UK, a campaign group tackling the prevalence of unpaid work within mental health professions, and a published poet with Public Sector Poetry.

Vic embraces her creativity to  highlight the importance of connection and relationships in fostering and empowering change, especially in challenging the details behind the current mental health crisis.


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