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Jo Feijó was one of the participants on the UNION 2019 programme. In 2020 Jo received one of our re-UNION project grants and chose to use the money to develop creative dreamwork. Jo now facilitates dreamwork through Duranki and will be launching a new dream group soon.

From the re-UNION dreamwork project Jo created this beautiful book:

The Real Land of Dream is a collection of stories. A diary of process detailing journeys in the land of dreams. The aim was to explore the connection between dreams and creativity, utilising creative action as a way of communicating with dream entities, shaping our lives through meaningful creative action.

I hope this collection of stories can serve as an introduction to a new way of approaching dreams, not as symbols needing dissection, but as life wanting to be seen.

I would like to thank UNION for their guidance and for the opportunity to experiment with this new methodology of creative dreaming.

Reall Land of Dream cover

Click on the image to download the full pdf of the book


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