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The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has had a major impact on all of us, including the UNION ’19 graduates. We have been meeting regularly on zoom with the participants on line and also started weekly re-UNION radio broadcasts as a way of keeping contact between people going.

These have proved very popular and will be something we keep going, even after life has returned to some sense of normality.

As is the way with this situation, each of the UNION ’19 participants has been affected differently, but a large number have lost work and are in a precarious position. But at the same time that hasn’t stopped their creativity and ideas and we focus on a couple of the participants below.


Saffi Brown has continuing her commissions, here is one of her latest…


Ross Graham has taken some of his theatre teaching online…including Shaken Up Shakespeare…


Freya Wysocki has just created this animation along with Hayley Suviste as part of the Whatstick Theatre’s Project Isolate…

Installation #16: What do you miss?

Presenting Installation #16: What do you miss?Big thanks to Freya Wysocki for the Motion Graphics and to composer Hayley Suviste, who has used binaural field recordings and mixed the audio in 360° – we recommend listening with headphones for full effect!Keep your eyes peeled for Task #17 tomorrow as we continue to navigate these strange times. You can also catch our other installations at and let us know your thoughts.Thanks to everyone who participated:Gemma DaviesMike IssittElla KayMaddie JewellCiara EwingAndy SmithMolly Smith-BuggeAlfred Smith-BuggeChristopher KentRay GibsonMary MorrisFenella NormanBonnie SchwarzBink BulthaweenanCarys WallRob Herissone-KellyHarriet Morley

Posted by whatstick theatre on Saturday, 9 May 2020


Hannah Whitlow is continue to develop new ideas with Blaze Arts including how to take the Festival of Hope online…


And have a listen to Grace Darbs perform her new poem “From the Floor” live on the re-UNION radio show:

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